Dear Watermark Church family,

“Giving no cause for offense in anything, so that the ministry will not be discredited.”

2 Corinthians 6:3

How can a faithful disciple who tells others about Jesus give no cause for offense in anything? After all, Jesus taught that we will be opposed for preaching the gospel and many of His faithful followers who shared the gospel drove people to such rage that they were martyred! Is this a Bible contradiction? Not at all.

Here's the difference: Paul was careful to make sure he did not personally offend even though he knew his message (the message of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus for forgiveness of sins) could offend.

The message of the cross offends because it claims we, as sinners, are unable to save ourselves. It slays our self-righteousness. It tells us we are so lost -- so sinful -- that it took the brutal death of the Son of God for us to have any hope of salvation. The message of the cross demands humility and a proud person may react against it.

But this is no excuse for us to be personally offensive. We are to be kind and considerate towards people. The gospel may offend, but that is not a free pass for us to be rude, mean, inconsiderate or uncivil. It never hurts to be nice to people.

How about you? You're a Christian. Do you annoy people? Are you overbearing and rude? Do you show respect to unbelievers? If someone misses a deadline you have set for them, if someone you hire does shoddy work, or if a person treats you unfairly, do you respond with truth and grace? Jesus did, and that’s Who we are to imitate!  If you are terse, angry and argumentative, are you being a good testimony of Christ? Your witness for Christ is discredited by your un-Christian behavior. Yes, you should say what needs to be said even if it is difficult for a person to hear; just don't be offensive in delivering the message. It is His Name that is at stake! (Adapted from a blog by Tom Short, see

Watermark Church Fundraising Team Meeting this Sunday, April 22 after the worship service – Watermark Church is beginning a building fund to renovate the sanctuary. We will be raising funds through a variety of events and projects, and we need your help! If you have fundraising ideas or projects in mind, or would like to simply brainstorm with others, join us for our first meeting on April 22 in the sanctuary after the Sunday morning worship service!

Sunday School: Women’s Bible Study Group – Claudia Shrive is leading an encouraging women’s adult Sunday School Class each week at 9:30AM at the church facility. Join the ladies for fellowship and great discussion on various in-depth topics from God’s Word.

Pastor Ron has spent years compiling notes from the Bible on Prophecy and World Events, and he is presenting this compelling and insightful material in an adult Sunday School each week at 9:30 AM. This is a great way to start your Sunday morning! We have a Women’s Bible Study and classes for children at 9:30 AM as well.

Life Group: The Gibson’s and Settimos’ Life Group bible study is now meeting every other Friday, and is discussing the book, “Forgotten God,” which is a great introduction to the person and work of the Holy Spirit in our world, church and personal lives. Contact Paul or Nathan for more info.

Life GroupThe Wednesday night life group led by Pastor Larry meets on Wednesdays at 7:00 PM at the Kinkopf’s (6624 Forest Hill Ln., Hamilton, 45011.) We are studying the book of 1 Peter. Contact Larry if you would like to be a part of this Life Group. Our next group Bible Study will be Wednesday, May 2.

We have now added a Grade 4-6 Children’s Sunday School class at 9:30am on Sundays. Classes are currently being offered as follows:

9:30 AM Pre-school - grade 3            Patti Kellis

9:30 AM Grades 4-6                            Tim Kellis


Together giving no cause for offending others,