Dear Watermark Church family,

“See that no one repays another with evil for evil, but always seeks after that which is good for one another and for all people.” 1 Thessalonians 5:15

God has called us to live as members of His Kingdom, which means we are empowered by the Holy Spirit to behave and respond differently when life gets tough. Please enjoy this post taken from a blog by Tom Short. (see –

Sometimes, we want to get even with someone who's done us wrong. We call this vengeance, which is such a common and natural human reaction. But to take our own vengeance is of the flesh (fallen nature) and we are to leave it to God (Romans 12:19). You and I should not be returning evil for evil done toward us, or as my mom taught me, "Two wrongs don't make a right."

This is not to say there's not a place for justice when a person has been violated, but we leave that in the hands of our judicial system, and ultimately, of God. Justice is not evil; vengeance is. Appropriate legal recourse is not wrong; plotting evil and harm to another is. 

Of course, this is much easier said than done. If you've ever been hurt (and who hasn't), we naturally want to see our victimizer suffer. But God has a better way: win that person over! Win them to Christ. Turn your enemy into your friend.

How do we turn an enemy into a friend? By seeking after that which is good for them. Do something nice to them. Give them a gift. Serve them. Lighten their load. Overcome evil with good. Simply do the things that will make them your friend.

Do you realize that people who treat you badly are often hurting on the inside? They may lash out at you to distract from their pain, and they fully expect you to fight back, again, to distract from their pain. But maybe instead of a fight, what they really need is a friend -- someone who will be on their side. You can make friends with just about anyone if you seek after what is good for them. Go ahead -- try it!

Is there someone you've been trying to forgive and just can't seem to do so? Then take the next step. Seek their good and make them your friend. You might be surprised; in the process, you might just make them a friend of God as well!

The Watermark Church Yard Sale to be held on Saturday, September 15 from 9:00AM – 1:00 PM. You can bring any and all items you wish to donate to the sale to the church this Sunday. Then on Saturday, 9/15, come between 9:00AM and 1:00PM and help us greet the community members who shop at our yard sale! We will provide free food and beverages for those who “shop” at our yard sale. (A donation has already been given to Watermark Church to cover the cost of the food and beverages for the yard sale!)

Watermark Church will provide a meal for the Monroe football team on Friday, August 24! Mark your calendar and come over in the afternoon on 8/24 if you can help!

Please pray for Tina Savage’s friend Brenna. She is a young mother and has recently been diagnosed with cancer and will begin chemo and radiation soon.

Please pray for Paul Kauffung’s grandfather Jim to gain health and strength. He is experiencing stomach pain and is very frail. 

The Men’s Fellowship Breakfast is held every Friday at 7:00 AM, and the location has moved to the Waffle House at the Monroe Outlets / SR 63 & I-75. Join with the men of Watermark Church for an encouraging time of fellowship!

The Prophecy and World Events class is being offered at 9:30 AM Sundays, taught by Pastor Ron.

Life Group: The Gibson’s and Settimos’ Life Group bible study meets every other Friday. Contact Paul or Nathan for more info.

We will have Children’s Church this Sunday during the 10:30AM worship service, ages 5 thru 4th grade.

We have now added a Grade 4-6 Children’s Sunday School class at 9:30am on Sundays. Classes are currently being offered as follows:

9:30 AM Pre-school - grade 3            Patti Kellis

9:30 AM Grades 4-6                           Tim Kellis


Together learning to bless those who do us wrong,