Dear Watermark Church family,


“Better is a dish of vegetables where love is than a fattened ox served with hatred.” Proverbs 15:17


Enjoy this week’s devotional from Barbara Wilson, who writes for the Faithwalkers Journal.


“A year after we got married, my husband Berk and I moved back to our roots in Clemson, South Carolina. We had so little, but we loved the church and the people in it. Berk worked at the painting company owned by one of the members in the church. The pay was fine for us, but certainly did not boost our IRA a great deal. However, he was able to work daily with other men in the church and came home each day quite encouraged.


Our home was small, only one bedroom. We finished the upstairs attic enough to put in an extra bed, but any guests who spent the night had to come all the way down the stairs, through the living room, and through our bedroom to use the bathroom. We didn’t have central heating. We provided our own heat with space heaters in each room. And the kitchen sink wasn’t even in the kitchen; it was in the room next to the kitchen!


Why did we live there? Because within thirty yards of our front door lived six other households of singles and couples who went to the same church. We didn’t even lock our doors during the day so that we could visit freely between the homes.


We didn’t just sit around and talk; we took walks together, we cooked together, we shopped together, we read the Bible together. We loved each other. We knew what was going on in each other’s lives, and we were able to sharpen and challenge each other to grow in our faith. None of us was rich in the eyes of the world, but our fellowship was truly rich and sweet.


Do you have that kind of fellowship? Are you living your life shoulder to shoulder with other Christians? If so, no matter what your bank account says, you are rich!”


Begin to develop deeper friendships with other believers this week. One way is to join or start one of our church groups! Some are listed below.


Please join the Watermark Church family in lifting up Tim and Patti Kellis and their family in prayer, as Tim's mother passed away on Friday, 9/13. 


Tim and Patti are traveling to and from Tennessee this week, and we pray for God to comfort them and protect them while they are away.


We appreciate the love and sacrifice that Tim and Patti have shown to so many over the years, and we join together in offering our love to them and our prayers of support for them during this difficult time.


Our next Watermark Church business update meeting will be Sunday, September 22 after the morning worship service.


Our next Potluck Lunch will be Sunday, September 29 immediately after the morning worship service. Bring your favorite main dish or side dish/dessert to share!


Please keep Diane and Robert Crowder, Doug Combs, Claudia Shrive, Susan Ries, Dorothy Thelen and Bob Valtman in prayer as each of them are being treated for various physical ailments and surgeries.


The door locks to the newer side of the church building have all been changed due to several security issues over the past few months. The building may be accessed by entering in the side door of the WAC / sanctuary near the baptistry, closet to the back parking lot. There is a key in a lockbox on the door handle. Please contact Tim, Nathan, Ron or Larry to receive the code. 


Monroe Local Schools District is accepting donations of all school supplies. Bring pencils, paper and other school supplies to our church lobby over the next few weeks.


Operation Christmas Child is accepting school supply donations and small children’s toys, stuffed animals, etc. for the shoeboxes which will be sent out in the fall. Bring these donated items to our church lobby over the next few weeks.


Church Directory – please update your contact information for the church directory this Sunday morning. A current directory will be available in the lobby for you to check if updates are needed for your info. Please fill out a new info form this Sunday and leave it on the table in the lobby.


A Watermark Sunday Group meets at 9:15 AM on Sunday mornings, great Bible discussion geared toward all ages. Childcare is provided! Led by Jameson Baumgartner.


The Men’s Fellowship Breakfast is held every Friday at 7:00 AM at the Waffle House at the Monroe Outlets / SR 63 & I-75. Join with the men of Watermark Church for an encouraging time of fellowship!


A Women’s Bible Study is being taught by Claudia Shrive on Sunday mornings at 9:30AM at the church.


A new Watermark group is studying “Marriage on the Rock” every other Saturday at 6:30 PM at the Gibson’s. See Nathan Gibson or Paul Settimo for more info.


Together enjoying fellowship with one another,